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Most parents consider it a prestige to enroll their children in renowned educational institutions. An outstanding school will guarantee a good learning environment, but we also need to focus on ensuring a child’s overall development. Tracking down the unseen skills of the kids and fostering them to travel towards it, would lead them to happy learning. Rote learning, grade and mark-oriented exams will only produce economic engines but not great minds. We at MOZHI will help you identify your child's skills and stream them accordingly, from a very young age.

What we do @ Mozhi?

  • Identify the existing skills.
  • Help the child to fine-tune the existing skills.
  • Teach them how to utilize it.
  • Implement techniques to boost their memory.
  • Improve Communication and Presentation skills.
  • Encourage Associative learning.
  • Proper care and attention.
  • Personalized teaching.