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Where there is a limitation, there is a possibility” is the vision of Mozhi School of Skills. NEET and JEE still remains a dream for many students, especially in the South Indian villages. Fear and anxiety are the two major factors that hinder the young minds in clearing these examinations. Several students have developed a misconception about NEET & JEE. Although it seems secluded and unapproachable, it is not inaccessible. Mozhi, has been established to assist the students to overcome and break through all the barriers. To refine and upgrade your self-esteem, self-confidence and to achieve your target, we encourage you eminently. Our MOZHI SCHOOL OF SKILLS offers an affordable way to crack NEET & JEE.

About NEET

  • Mozhi is undeniably the best option to get a high ranking in the approaching NEET Exam.
  • With experts tutoring, we also provide individual attention .
  • Psychological outlook in teaching and learning.
  • Well-crafted learning modules to meet the learning needs of every student.
  • With MOZHI, Students can learn time management strategies to solve the given number of questions within the stipulated time.
  • Weekly and Monthly assessments followed by PT Meetings and specified reports.
  • Conducting Mock-tests for revision and practice.
  • Become a doctor and turn your vision into reality with Mozhi.

About JEE

  • Join Mozhi to become an IITian.
  • Incorporating NLP techniques in teaching.
  • Research based study materials customized for each student.
  • Best notes, from which they can revise for their exams.
  • Tips and tricks to solve difficult problems will be taught.
  • Periodical mock tests and PT meetings are conducted to ensure the students' learning progress.
  • Stress bursting sessions will be conducted.
  • Individual attention will be given.
  • Getting through JEE is made easier with MOZHI.